Harvard College SHADE

Purpose Statement

SHADE is a safe and accountable space for students of color at Harvard who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, same-gender loving, transgender, queer or who are simply questioning or exploring their current identity. SHADE recognizes that our identities as People of Color and our Queer experiences are inseparable from one another; and we seek to raise awareness of this truth on campus. SHADE primarily serves as safe-space that facilitates dialogue, builds communities, and works towards gaining visibility through traditions, active leadership, and pride. In addition SHADE also aims to honor the advances made by Queer People of Color amid various geopolitical, sociological, and institutional pressures, as well as identify what being a Queer Person of Color means and what the community represents. Most centrally, SHADE aims to empower members to embrace all components of their identity and feel comfortable expressing them on campus and beyond.

Organization Information