Harvard College Students for Scholars at Risk

Purpose Statement

Harvard College Students for Scholars at Risk engages Harvard students in direct dialogue with scholars who have faced various forms of persecution for scholarship under oppressive regimes for their work and/or their various axes of identity. We provide the rare opportunity for students to form relationships with at-risk scholars that are under a protection at Harvard. Our activities educate and inspire both discourse and action surrounding both the work of the scholars and situations of persecution. Our student group provides opportunities for students to interact meaningfully with topics of human rights, literature and freedom of expression. We provide opportunities for students to actively engage with the subjects of human rights and freedom of expression through personal scholarly and artistic endeavors. Regular student group activities involve bloging, speaker events and teas, frequent contact with at-Risk scholars, and writing Master Classes and teach-ins for leter writing. Our largest yearly collaborative endeavor is the creation of \x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}The Living Magazine\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}, which is a dual project that produces a meaningful live event and a lasting publication.

Organization Information