Purpose Statement

CrimsonEMS is a on-campus EMS service run and staffed entirely by Harvard students. Our purpose is to allow students the opportunity to learn and provide professional medical care at campus events, as well as to work aboard professional ambulances run by professional EMS service, ProEMS, in the city of Cambridge. Each spring, CrimsonEMS facilitates a heavily subsidized Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) training course taught by ProEMS, which takes place at Harvard University concurrent with academic classes. Members of CrimsonEMS also provide on-campus CPR training to the greater Harvard Community with the goal of making Harvard a HeartSafe campus. Eventually, CrimsonEMS hopes to operate our own ambulance to even better serve this community. We believe that our capacity to serve our school, our community, and ourselves as EMTs is tantamount to a healthy, happy, and medically aware College Community.

Organization Information