Harvard College Code Orange

Purpose Statement

We are Code Orange. We want to help people live better. We want to make a difference in Orangi Town, one of the largest slums in Asia. We tackle the challenge by leveraging what we do best --- education. The Harvard College Code Orange is concerned with ensuring social justice by addressing health & other disparities for individuals living in South Asia, with a particular emphasis on Pakistan. The group engages Harvard students and the larger community through an interface consisting of : programming; fundraising initiatives; and development strategies. The principle aim of Code Orange is to reach out to the impoverished children and adults in one of the largest slums within all of South Asia by supporting them through means of: health seminars; referral to existing resources; and donations. We firmly believe that by educating people about best practices in health, we can help them improve their lives. Furthermore, we do not wish to reinvent the wheel, but rather to keep it turning. As such, central to our foundation is collaboration with grassroots efforts and other supportive entities. Due to the current political landscape, Pakistan is often overlooked by relief efforts. Code Orange plays a dual role of producing deliverable but also raising awareness amongst and engagement by young students. We want to inspire young minds to help make a tangible change in the developing world and foster understanding of slums, especially those in this region of Pakistan.

Organization Information