Harvard College Medical Humanities Forum

Purpose Statement

The Harvard College Medical Humanities Forum strives to foster a community in which undergraduates who are interested in the medical humanities can collectively explore their academic interests and passions. It will create weekly opportunities for students to engage in critical discussion with each other about medical humanities scholarship and also host events in which students can learn from faculty members and healthcare practitioners involved in the medical humanities field. Importantly, the Medical Humanities Forum will encourage students to collectively reflect on how pre-medical and pre-health experiences relate to their future practice of medicine or other health-related fields. For instance, it will encourage students to explore the often-overlooked question of how humanities studies can prepare aspiring clinicians to treat patients \x{e2}\x{80}\x{93} a responsibility that requires not only scientific knowledge but also the very human ability to engage patients as people. Students in the Forum will discuss essential questions like this one during weekly meetings and in their writing. To provide an outlet for student voices in the medical humanities, the Forum will maintain an online publication of creative writing, in which students can publish works about the pre-medical and pre-health experiences or about their more general experiences with suffering, illness, and healing. The Forum will also publish on an online blog, in which students can post interviews with medical humanities faculty and healthcare professionals as well as updates about the medical humanities field. Through the scholarship of dedicated students guided by faculty and physicians, the newly emerging medical humanities field has the opportunity to grow and develop on Harvard\x{e2}\x{80}\x{99}s campus.

Organization Information