Harvard College Data Ventures

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Harvard College division of Data Ventures (see dataventures.org for all participating institutions) is to equip undergraduates for the new information age. We will train interested students in computational and analytical methods needed to make sense of masses of numerical and qualitative data in a meaningful way. Our goal extends beyond merely educating our classmates in statistics, machine learning, and computation. Outside the comp (training) structure of our group, the larger purpose of Data Ventures in the Harvard community is to serve as a data analysis group for academic departments, other student groups, as well as local and not-for-profit organizations. As part of an intercollegiate network, the Harvard College chapter of Data Ventures will also participate in Kaggle, TopCoder, and other large-scale data competitions. Data Ventures will also host local data conventions with speakers and recruiters from academia and industry.

Organization Information