Harvard South Asian Association

Purpose Statement

Since 1986, the South Asian Association (SAA) has served Harvard as a vehicle for students, faculty, and community members to engage with South Asia and its Diaspora through academic-political, social, and cultural initiatives. With over 400 current members and a growing body of alumni, SAA is one of Harvard's largest and most active student groups. As part of our continued efforts to raise awareness and understanding of South Asian academic and political issues, we have held numerous discussions with faculty members, public figures and local, national, and international leaders, while also working to expand the focus on South Asia in the undergraduate curriculum. Recognizing the unique role college students can play in development and community-building, we help SAA members serve the communities within the Subcontinent and Diaspora by fundraising for relevant philanthropies through our events. Every year, we seek to bring members of the SAA community closer together with a variety of social activities, including dances and study breaks, allowing members to develop bonds that will last long beyond their time at Harvard. And with events like our recent student-concert featuring Penn Masala and annual South Asia Week, we bring to life the culture of South Asia at Harvard. In fact, the hallmark of the year for SAA is its annual cultural production Ghungroo, which will go on for the 30th time in March of 2018. Since its inception, SAA's size has grown with its scope and has expanded to reach out to students across Harvard's campus and beyond.

Organization Information