South Asian Men's Collective

Purpose Statement

SAMC will provide all interested members of the Harvard community with an outlet for addressing issues of social justice, poverty alleviation, and economic development in South Asia. SAMC will present opportunities for direct involvement in addressing said concerns that yield tangible results. A critical core value of the Collective will be to instill in members a commitment to service and giving back to the South Asian community that has contributed so much to our lives. SAMC will also work to strengthen a sense of brotherhood between members and create a supportive arena for dialogue and discussion. The SAMC community will provide members with mentors, peers, and friends. Furthermore, the Collective will seek to build a multi-ethnic network of service-oriented students on campus, thereby empowering members with both an internal sense of brotherhood and a larger sense of solidarity with other groups to which they might not otherwise be exposed. Additionally, SAMC is concerned with the political, social, and cultural issues regarding South Asian men on Harvard University's campus and in the larger community. The group will seek to further greater awareness and understanding of these issues in the Harvard community by appropriate means such as social events, meetings, seminars, fundraisers and other activities. SAMC will provide an outlet for members of the Harvard community, particularly South Asian males, to address concerns of the dichotomy between identity and heritage; the interrelationship amongst men and women in the community; and of masculinity as challenged in the American landscape.

Organization Information