The Franklin Fellowship

Purpose Statement

The Franklin Fellowship is a student group focused on creating a community around self-improvement. We do so by creating a community where 1. We apply behavioral science to our own lives 2. We use technology to become more productive, efficient, and happier and 3. We treat our lives as the most important class during college. Research shows the habits you develop in college last a lifetime. We want to empower students to make the best habits they can. Our mission extends to the entire Harvard community. We believe that most students at Harvard care deeply about self-improvement. However, there are few opportunities for peers to share their \x{e2}\x{80}\x{9c}lifehacks\x{e2}\x{80}\x{9d} with one another. We want to change this. We plan to do so by holding workshops, outside speakers, and conferences for the college community. Topics of workshops could include (but are not limited to): habit loops, SMART goals, email efficiency, effective meeting structures, partnered reflection, etc. The Franklin Fellowship is not for everyone. However, we know that there is a significant niche of students that geek out about self-improvement. We strive to bring those students out of solitude and into a community. Then, we want to turn their collective expertise to benefit the college as a whole.

Organization Information