Harvard College Healthcare Associates

Purpose Statement

Harvard College Healthcare Associates (HCHA) is an organization that seeks to provide members with broad coverage and education on the healthcare industry. Through a rigorous exploration of different sectors of healthcare, which includes but is not limited to, biotechnology, health insurance, healthcare providers, healthcare delivery services, government, and entrepreneurship, the club will provide a fundamental understanding of the industry and motivate students to combine academic knowledge and industry prowess to drive leadership and innovation. Harvard College Healthcare Associates takes a three- pronged approach to fulfill its mission: 1.) Motivate and educate via a comprehensive array of distinguished faculty, industry leaders, and experienced professionals 2.) Provide practical, hands-on experience and value-added skills through industry research groups, emerging sciences teams, and corporate trips 3.) Explore alternative career paths and build relationships with professors, corporate firms, NGOs, and other key institutions to expand resources, knowledge base, and professional connections for members.

Organization Information