Harvard College Rural Health Association

Purpose Statement

The Harvard College Rural Health Association (HCRHA) is concerned with increasing the amount of attention paid to the health burdens faced by rural communities in the United States. HCRHA\x{e2}\x{80}\x{99}s two-fold mission is to promote the critical discussion of rural health issues on campus and to provide opportunities for students to reduce health disparities by working directly with rural communities and rural health organizations. This organization is founded upon the belief that quality health care is a human right and should be made accessible to rural populations. We believe that through increased attention to rural health matters, students can develop programs and public health officials can implement policies that promote health in the context of geographic, economic, and cultural challenges faced by rural populations. The vision of the Harvard College Rural Health Association is to prepare and motivate students to become future contributors and leaders in improving the health of rural communities. Harvard students who participate in HCRHA\x{e2}\x{80}\x{99}s trips and events will be better informed about population health in rural areas of the nation. By developing an interest in these issues through HCRHA, students may be better prepared to achieve advancements in improving the health status of rural citizens in their future careers.

Organization Information