Convrgency - Harvard College VR

Purpose Statement

Convrgency seeks to provide students with the opportunity and capacity to develop and experience VR technology. As the technology is so new and unexplored as a creative group we plan to push boundaries of this new medium and discover the best ways to tell stories and engage users with this new technology. People have not been exposed to this technology yet but when they are,in many cases, they are blown away by how incredible and visceral this technology is. We feel the Harvard community would benefit from exposure to these kind of experiences, and we plan to develop similar creative VR experiences for the Harvard community and beyond. Part of our organisation\x{e2}\x{80}\x{99}s mission is to host events to showcase this technology, alongside facilitating other members of the community to access and produce content for Virtual Reality. We have no doubt this technology is truly going to change the way we engage with media, entertainment and the world. This group is dedicated to exploring the future of Virtual Reality, and uniquely will provide expertise and resources to help make VR projects happen. Since Virtual Reality is a rapidly emerging sector within the media industry, the fast-paced nature of the club will ensure a professional mantra is followed. The development of unique production knowledge of this technology as well as making the rules for this completely new medium will translate into future application outside of Harvard.

Organization Information