Harvard College Experimental Theater Ensemble

Purpose Statement

The Harvard College Experimental Ensemble will strive to promote the development of innovative and nontraditional theater through a rigorous, ensemble-driven, devising process. The ensemble will serve as a laboratory for the exploration of unconventional uses of text, stage space and media. Our aim is both to produce fully formed and polished pieces, and to provide a space for theater artists to experiment freely with possibilities of text and form. Our events therefore will consist of workshops with faculty directors, open master classes, and open rehearsals where we present in-progress work alongside fully-realized productions. We are a democratic ensemble that seeks to avoid hierarchical divisions between actors, directors, and designers, consisting of a core artistic ensemble as well as a wider community of associates from a broad range of disciplines. We provide an open space in which artists can come together to collaborate on unrestricted, unconventional, truly creative performance.

Organization Information