Harvard College Open Campus Initiative

Purpose Statement

The Harvard University Free Speech Guidelines (1990) state that "free interchange of ideas is vital for our primary function of discovering and disseminating ideas through research, teaching and learning," and that "curtailment of free speech undercuts the intellectual freedom that defines our purpose." The Harvard College Speech Advocacy Group aims to buttress these principles \x{e2}\x{80}\x{93} and, more broadly, principles of liberal thought intersecting with free expression - by advocating for their continued currency on campus. We believe that a liberal arts education benefits from ideological diversity, and we aim to offer that ideological diversity for the student body where it is believed to be lacking. We believe constant action is required to ensure that students never find themselves intimidated by the act of expressing their opinions. Above all, we aim to ensure that truth will out by actively ensuring this campus is not afraid to hear the views of others.

Organization Information