BWISE: BSC Fellows for a Whole Integrated Student Experience

Purpose Statement

BWISE is a group of undergraduates who are committed to helping other students develop and thrive in their learning at Harvard College. They work with the BSC in a volunteer capacity. BWISE Mission Statement At Harvard, many students tend to sort their lives into different buckets such as academics, extracurriculars, social life, and personal time. In service to the mission of Harvard\x{e2}\x{80}\x{99}s Bureau of Study Counsel, BWISE (BSC Fellows for a Whole Integrated Student Experience) aims to educate and inspire students to find meaning and connections across these various domains, focus on what matters most to them, and develop the skills and capacities they need to thrive. BWISE believes that when students experience seemingly separate aspects of their learning as parts of a meaningful and integrated whole, students feel more energized, are more creative and effective, and have a greater sense of well-being, authenticity, and accomplishment. BWISE Activities designing and implementing BWISE-initiated events and programs (such as workshops, open-mic events, and study breaks) participating in BSC events and programs (such as workshops and open houses) advising the BSC about its programs and services partnering with other student organizations and College offices to sponsor joint events educating students about BSC services in both formal and informal contexts

Organization Information