Immediate Gratification Players

Purpose Statement

"Improv comedy at Harvard and beyond." The Immediate Gratification Players are Harvard University\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}s premier long-form improvisational comedy troupe. We have been performing free on-campus shows since the fall of 1986, including an annual festival that attracts many collegiate troupes. IGP has also taken its improv on the road, traveling to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, London, and the Bay Area. In 2010, Jeff Garlin became IGP's first Immediate Gratification Player of the Year, and in 2011 Wayne Brady received the honor. IGP sometimes uses an improvisational pianist to give its shows a musical flair \x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd} we are also recognized for our signature red-and-yellow neckties and our distinctive improv events, such as improvised dinner parties, improvised open mic nights, and improvised improv.

Organization Information