Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers

Purpose Statement

The Harvard Society of Black Scientist and Engineers seeks to provide a support system for students pursuing degrees, or those who have attained degrees, in fields of applied sciences and engineering. Aware of the dearth of minority scientists and engineers both at Harvard and on the whole, this organization aims to address the problematic issues which minimize the numbers of students who pursue and complete curricular requirements in these fields. HSBSE seeks to promote black scholastic achievement; to ensure the completion of a degree in an applied science or engineering program once a student has entered Harvard University; to promote the social standing of the Black student in science and engineering; to establish and maintain tutorial programs for college, high school and junior high students; to provide college, high school and junior high school students with proper engineering counseling, to assist in job placement; and to strive toward a better understanding among all engineers regardless of race, creed, or color.

Organization Information