PBHA'S Alternative Spring Breaks

Purpose Statement

Alternative Spring Breaks runs public service trips during Spring Break. We travel to rural and urban areas throughout the eastern United States. We work closely with community organizations to (1) renovate homes, churches, community centers, and playgrounds; and (2) learn about the social, economic, and political issues affecting the region. There is time for fun activities like bowling, skating, and visiting national parks. With a motto of \x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}Community service, cultural exchange, and fun,\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd} ASB provides a worthwhile experience during Spring Break. For more information, please contact Eugen Taso (taso@fas), Chimaobi Amutah (amutah@fas), Shayak Sarkar (sarkar@fas), or Mae Bunagan, bunagan@fas).

Organization Information