PBHA's Elderly 1-2-1

Purpose Statement

Elderly Affairs (EA) Committee is the primary organization of Phillips Brooks House Association for serving Boston- and Cambridge-area senior citizens. We currently have four programs: Vernon Hall Nursing Home Visitations, 1-2-1 Matchups, Alzheimer's Buddies for the Arts, and Geriatrics Interest Group-EA. All programs are different in scope and meeting time, so if you are interested at all in working with the elderly, then please contact 2007-08 Co-Directors Niraj Nathan (nnathan@fas.harvard.edu), Katie Grosteffon (kgrostef@fas.harvard.edu), and Kevin Zhang (kyzhang@fas.harvard.edu). We hope that our intergenerational program will allow students to benefit from the wisdom and experience of senior citizens while the elders receive the time, care, and enthusiasm of the students.

Organization Information