PBHA's Environmental Action Committee

Purpose Statement

The Harvard College Environmental Action Committee seeks to help achieve a sustainable world and protect the environment for its human and non-human inhabitants. To this end, the EAC aims to raise the consciousness of Harvard''s students to the effect of their own actions on the environment and to their status as stewards of this planet''s resources. We advocate specific changes at the campus, local, national, and international levels. Furthermore, we serve as a forum for discussion and a source of information on environmental issues. Finally, we seek to enrich our members through fun and fulfilling experiences. The Environmental Action Committee is divided into several subcommittees that function more or less independently, and deal with distinct issues - this is where the real action takes place. Weekly board meetings (location and time TBA) are open to anyone interested in guiding the organization toward the future, and frequent committee-wide events bring everyone together for a common cause or interest. Subcommittees include Earth Day, Environmental Justice, Sustainable Allston, Green Campus, and Enviro-Ed. Contact Mitch Hunter (mghunter@fas@fas), or Amy Heinzerling (apheinz@fas).

Organization Information