PBHA's Keylatch Mentor Program

Purpose Statement

Keylatch Mentor\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}s mission is to serve the middle-school-aged children in Boston\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}s South End, at a time in their lives when they are starting to make important life choices and to see themselves and the world around them in new ways. We strive to serve as resources for them during the confusing, overwhelming, and often traumatic years that constitute early adolescence (particularly in the low-income inner city); we hope to fulfill our mission by providing them with both academic assistance and access to new environments and experiences. Mentors meet with their mentees (who are predominantly Latino and black) independently once a week for a few hours, during which time they go on specially planned outings and/or engage in tutoring. The programmatic focus of these weekly meetings is tailored to fit the individual mentee\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}s needs, as told to the mentor by the mentee and his or her parents (and as determined by the mentor, once he or she comes to know the mentee). We go on fun group outings once a month as well! If you're interested in building a profound relationship with an incredible child, please contact Shayda Vance (svance@fas).

Organization Information