Harvard College Africa Business and Investment Club

Purpose Statement

Africa provides quintessential grounds for analytical study of poverty and underdevelopment and the role of ethical business in ameliorating some of these problems. This kind of cross-context understanding of poverty, underdevelopment and the role of ethical business practice in ameliorating them, in an era of globalization and rapid economic transformations-- is imperative for Africa and the developing world in general. The resulting sustainable economic growth for the developing world is essential, especially if the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal of cutting the 1990 poverty rate by half by 2015 is to be realized. A club like the forenamed will promote better understanding of these and other issues by bringing together Harvard College students and Experts from academia, business, finance and development fields. Many of our members are interested in careers in Africa after graduation or in the long term. Members will also typically (but need not) have an interest in business, finance, economics, development, government or some other related field. Every year, the club will run a real or simulated investment project based on an identified developmental or poverty-alleviation need in a chosen African country.

Organization Information