Harvard College Latinos in Health Careers

Purpose Statement

Harvard Latinos in Health Careers (LiHC) is a pre-professional organization whose objective is to provide undergraduate Latinx students with the resources to pursue their interest in a health profession. LiHC seeks to empower undergraduate pre-health Latinx students with academic, professional, social, cultural and community resources. We shall explore the predominant health issues afflicting the Latino community within Boston, around the country, and all over the world to gain a greater understanding of the health needs of the Latino community as well as that of underprivileged areas. The group seeks to promote greater awareness and understanding of these cultural and social issues within the Harvard community by appropriate means such as publications, meetings, seminars, and other educational activities. All undergraduate students are welcome, especially those interested in medicine and the health sciences. While Latin-American health care issues will be emphasized, our central goal shall be to promote and ensure the success of culturally aware health care providers and to foster a feeling of commitment to underserved populations. Together, in conjunction with the support of the Harvard faculty, graduate schools and community, we shall become both compassionate and effective health care leaders and providers in our immediate realm and throughout the world.

Organization Information