PBHA's Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Summer Program

Purpose Statement

BRYE Summer has provided academic and emotional support to Southeast Asian refugee children and their families since 1987. This summer we will once again serve about 90 children from over 15 countries, but mainly Vietnam, Dominican Republic, and Cape Verde, ages 6 to 14 in Dorchester. Each college-aged Senior Counselor (SC) with the assistance of a high school-aged JC will lead a class of ten children. BRYE Summer prioritizes ESL instruction, but SCs design their own curricula and can teach any subject during each day's three hours of classroom time. SCs also lead their classes on afternoon field trips in the Greater Boston area and one weekend camping trip. BRYE Summer SCs work with refugee students and families of amazing inner strength. Our SCs also benefit from a summer spent living and working with each other in an energetic, dedicated, and supportive community. SCs receive free housing and an approximately \$3400 stipend. BRYE Summer will run for two weeks of training and seven weeks of classes.

Organization Information