PBHA's Native American Youth Enrichment Program

Purpose Statement

NAYEP is a 7-week summer program for Native American children ages 6-13. Unlike most summer programs, we are not geographically centered. NAYEP serves children of all tribal ancestries from all across the Boston area. Senior counselors each lead a group of 8-10 children between 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays. Our mornings are focused on curriculum, our afternoons are usually reserved for field trips and constructive recreation (such as swimming lessons). Curriculum is developed by each senior counselor and therefore changes each summer, but all major academic areas are covered. We also spend a great deal of focus on Native culture, history, myth and identity, as well as health and environmental issues, multiculturalism, and developing creativity. Each senior counselor has a classroom in the basement of NAICOB, the North American Indian Center of Boston. We have a particular challenge in that our campers come from all kinds of social and economic backgrounds. In-depth knowledge/experience in Native Issues is not necessarily a prerequisite for the job of senior counselor. Anyone with a real interest in learning and teaching is welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Organization Information