PBHA's Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment

Purpose Statement

Created in 1986 in response to the needs of the growing immigrant refugee population in the Greater Boston area, RYSE today serves more than 100 students from various Greater Boston communities. The mission of RYSE is to create a small yet intimate environment to provide affordable ESL instruction to high school refugee and immigrant students. As a part of this instruction, we offer an introduction to American culture and a chance to shape the experience of our students. As a 7-week intensive summer program that runs five nights a week (Monday through Friday), three hours each night (4:30-7:30 pm), RYSE provides ESL instruction in the context of a cultural exchange. We hope to provide a concrete and cultural understanding of the language by utilizing both formal and hands-on teaching methods, and incorporating community service projects and educational field trips in the curriculum. By working closely with students, parents, community members and organizations, RYSE strives to facilitate the cultural integration of refugee youths into American society, help them realize their tremendous potential and provide them with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in their academic and personal growth. During term-time, many of the RYSE students are enrolled in the Refugee Youth Term-Time Enrichment (RYTE) program, which is a sister program of RYSE that helps to maintain year-round cohesive support to the students.

Organization Information